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Rajasthanis, Sikhs, and the Dalai Lama! 04.03.2011
Incredible India 03.05.2011
India with 43 little rug rats 01.30.2011
The holiday season in Kathmandu! 01.02.2011
Annapurna Circuit 2010 12.10.2010
How to ride a on top of a Nepali bus.... 11.14.2010
Tashi Deleee!! Welcome to the Roof Of The World!! 11.05.2010
45 hour train to Tibet!! 11.03.2010
Where in the world is Ben? 11.01.2010
The past couple of weeks in Taiwan 10.10.2010
The Hamburger Challenge And Then Some 09.28.2010
Taiwan Black Bear 09.28.2010
I think I'm turning Taiwanese.....I really think so! 09.24.2010
The past week in Shanghai 09.22.2010
View all of my pictures by clicking on the photography link 09.17.2010
Shanghai Dao Le 09.17.2010
San Francisco on to Shanghai 09.12.2010
Almost Ready 08.31.2010